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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Goldsboro, NC

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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Goldsboro, NC

Hearing Aids in Goldsboro, NC

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Gene Wrench

Gene Wrench, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist







"I had my hearing evaluated a few years ago and was told that nothing could be done to improve my hearing. I came to Audibel and Gene Wrench did a comprehensive hearing test. My husband came with me and was also part of the test.

After my evaluation, Gene fit me with Audibel hearing aids and my hearing has never been better! The hearing aids have brought life back into a very dull world. It was very pleasant experience and I am back to my old self, out in the world hearing all the sounds I have missed for years. I have recommended Audibel to my friends in Goldsboro. I am so pleased with my entire experience in the office. Gene is wonderful and the PCC, Debra, too. I tell all my friends about Audibel."   - Sherrie Davis of Goldsboro, NC